How is cosmetic dentistry different from general Dentistry?

How is cosmetic dentistry different from general Dentistry?

There are lots of varieties in the field of dentistry today and the two most popular streams remain to be general and cosmetic dentistry. Some dentists choose to specialize in any one of the areas while there are others who are experienced in both areas.

If you understand the differences between these two fields, choosing the cosmetic dental clinic in Bangalore becomes easy for you. Both areas have different specialties that contribute to the difference in their clientele. So here are things that make cosmetic dentistry different from general dentistry.

General Dentistry is a preventive treatment.

General Dentistry mostly involves preventative treatments like tooth cleaning, tooth removal, root canals, dental checkups, x-rays, filling and other general dentistry services. In simple words, general dentistry is all about techniques followed to maintain good dental health and address dental issues that can lead to severe dental health issues.

Cosmetic dentistry involves corrective treatments.

In general, cosmetic dentistry involves treatments that address dental problems that require correction. The issue can either be of aesthetic nature or due to discomfort and pain. Treatment like teeth whitening, dental implants, teeth straightening, and teeth colored filling, aligners, porcelain crowns, bridgework, and veneers are some of the common cosmetic dental treatments.

Can both general dentist and cosmetic dentist perform teeth examining and cleaning?

Yes, and it is because a cosmetic dentist also has obtained some basic training that a general dentist receives. However, along with that cosmetic dentist acquires some additional education related to cosmetic dentistry. If you visit a cosmetic dentist for teeth whitening procedure, he will start the procedure by cleaning your teeth. Likewise, if you visit a cosmetic dentist to repair a severely decayed tooth, he will take x-rays first and then proceed further. Cosmetic procedures also address some of the problems treated by general dentistry in order to improve the natural appeal of your smile.

Do both charge different prices for the same procedure?

It is possible that you may notice price variations among dental treatments, especially between a cosmetic and general dentist. For example, both general and cosmetic dentists can fill cavities. However general dentists might not be using specific fillings and hence the pricing may be much less. Whereas, a cosmetic dentist is more concerned about the appearance of a patient’s tooth and may use an expensive composite filling that matches the existing tooth color.

Whether you are looking for a general or a cosmetic dental clinic in Bangalore, it is recommended to get referrals either through research or by word of mouth. General dentists should be engaged in ongoing training and should possess excellent communication skills to maintain the quality of the professional relationships with patients. Cosmetic dentists must also be good at offering preventive care so that the cosmetic procedures they perform last for many years.

If you are more concerned about the look of your teeth, it is recommended to make an appointment with a skilled cosmetic dentist. However, if you just need to do the generic procedure, you may visit a general dentist but make sure you choose someone who is skilled in their field.