Effects of Poor Dental Care On Your Health

Mouth is the gateway to the body and hence bad oral health can have several negative impacts on your entire body. Oral health is not just about the health of teeth and gums alone. Not all are aware of how significant good oral health is on your overall health. Any bacteria from your mouth can travel to other parts of the body and put you at risk for other diseases.

Heart disease and stroke
People who suffer from any type of periodontal diseases are like to be prone to heart diseases. The bacteria that enter your body through the gums cause your arteries to clot and put you at a risk of heart attack. The damaging impact on your blood vessels and arteries cause hypertension and increase the risks for strokes.

Respiratory problems
You may wonder how poor oral health can affect the functioning of your respiratory system. The bacteria in the infected teeth or gums enter into lungs through the bloodstream and may cause respiratory infection. It puts you at a higher risk of suffering from chronic pneumonia bronchitis or other respiratory infections.

Diabetes is always linked with susceptible to infections and infected gums also take a negative toll on the condition. Periodontal diseases make diabetes more difficult to control. When blood sugar level goes up, the gum diseases make it difficult to control the symptoms. While it’s important for everyone to take care of their dental health and to visit dental clinic is critical for diabetics patients to take good care of their oral health to prevent other complications from happening.

Kidney issues
Poor oral health can also lead to chronic kidney diseases as they are likely to get infections. If you have any type of gum diseases, your immune system will automatically be weak and you will be prone to infections. People who suffer from bad oral health have chances to develop kidney issues. It can become severe and even fatal if left unchecked.

The best way to stay away from health issues caused by poor oral health is to practice good dental hygiene and take prevention. Healthy teeth which are kept clean will be free from gum diseases and other health issues. Taking care to keep off oral health problems can go a long way in decreasing the chances for other serious health issues.